Terry P. D. — 5 star

Hearing Aids at the SPEED OF SOUND! Maico Audiological Services of Newport News, Virginia is absolutely FIRST CLASS! – I learned that Maico Audiological Services was an Amplifon approved provider from my Amplifon representative, David Bailey, on Monday, 10/26/2015 about 4:45 pm. I called them right at 5:00 pm and got their answering machine and left a message telling them that I had Amplifon benefit…its that were expiring on 10/31/2015 and needed an appointment as soon as possible to order hearing aids. I also said that I had already had my hearing tested and would have the results sent to them in the morning.

I was stunned when they called me back at 5:05 that day and scheduled an appointment for me the very next morning! When I got to the appointment, they had already received my hearing test results from the doctor I had seen before. My appointment was with Jodi Ritchie but Krystin Farrell soon joined us. I had several pamphlets on Phonak and ReSound hearing aids from the audiologist at EVMS who had done my test, and told Jodi & Krystin that I liked the ReSound because I could operate it from my smartphone instead of needing to buy another device. They pulled out the ReSound product data sheets and though they didn’t see my information in the Amplifon system right away, said they would place the order for overnight shipping so that they could fit me on Friday. These women are professionals with a capital P.

I called David Bailey at Amplifon immediately after leaving the appointment and he promised to call and email them to get them all the information they would need to make everything happen without a hitch.

Friday’s fitting was smooth as silk. Krystin had already set up 2 programs, all-around and music, in my digital hearing aids. The 1st thing she did was have me pair them with my IPhone. Then I downloaded the ReSound app. Then she showed me how to put the hearing aids on, close the doors and listen for the beeps to know they were on, tuck in the sport locks, and then we did a bit of testing. She showed me how to adjust them with the IPhone app, and how to take the aids off and turn them off by opening the cases slightly.

I am very impressed with the friendliness and incredible professionalism of this office, Maico Audiological Services, in Newport News, Virginia.

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