“I have worn hearing aids for about 20 years and have been to MANY hearing aid dispensers and audiologists. I have a severe to profound hearing loss, with small ear canals and am very subject to occlusion. That combination makes for a challenging situation. By the time I went to see Sandy Burkes-Campbell, I was discouraged and unsatisfied with previous professionals and hearing aids. I spoke to Sandy on the phone before my initial visit, and she assured me we could work together to find the right aid and the experience would even be enjoyable.”

“I’m pleased to report that is exactly what happened. Not only has Sandy made this a pleasurable experience, but she was able to quickly determine the right hearing aid for my needs. She is well versed and skilled at programming the newest aids and is very detail oriented. Sandy has always treated me with respect and has handled each fitting as if the hearing aids were her own. There were times when I was willing to settle for situations that were less than ideal, but she was not. Sandy’s staff has been responsive, courteous and a joy to deal with. I have been a patient of this office for the past three years and their high level of service has not wavered. You will not be disappointed with Maico Audiological Services.”

Terri Parker
Virginia Beach, VA

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