I was two years old when I started wearing hearing aids and I can’t imagine my life without them. My hearing aids alone have greatly helped me, but the additional support with my FM system has been an incredible help in my studies because they allow me to be able to tune out background noises from air conditioning units, outside traffic, or general chatter in classrooms, so that I can focus on whomever is speaking.

The audiologist’s knowledge of current and new or evolving technologies has helped me get the most assistance possible to overcome many of the challenges due to my hearing impairment. They really do care that I am receiving the best from my hearing aids and are always willing to help me understand other assistive technologies that may help me, such as FM units, Bluetooth technology, and special alarm clocks and fire alarms. The support I get from Maico has helped me to be successful throughout middle school, high school, and college to date; in my work experiences thus far; and in my daily interactions with family, friends, and others.

At Maico, I feel like I am more than just a patient. Sandy Burkes-Campbell and the entire Maico team are always so welcoming and friendly, whether I am in the office for a scheduled audiological evaluation, for emergency maintenance on my hearing aids, for help with help with paperwork requesting accommodations for my hearing loss in school, or just to get a pack of batteries.

Meganne Lemon
Yorktown, VA

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