Going about your daily business, you may not be attuned to it, but one aspect of health you may be unaware of is just how interwoven your hearing is to the functioning of your whole body. This has been proven by research through studies that have linked the body’s health to that of hearing health. This can incur adverse effects of one of your unhealthy habits. Read on to find out ways in which you may be engaging in unhealthy habits on a daily basis. What negative impacts can those habits have on your hearing?

Loud Noises

From concerts to sporting events to fireworks: what do these events all have in common? They all feature very loud noises that can hurt your ears if you don’t take the proper precautions. Rock concerts in particular feature high-decibel sounds pulsing out of the speakers, leading to significant losses in terms of your hearing. Even when you put up the TV and video games in your home to full volume, you’re causing damage to your precious ears in no time at all.


Who would have thought smoking would be bad for your…ears? Yes, it’s true. We all know smoking is unhealthy for your lungs, but it also poses a threat to your hearing. This bad habit hurts your ears due in no small part to the chemicals in the cigarettes that really do a number on the ears’ vibration sensors. As a result, your ears have to work overtime to perceive small tidbits of sound.

Neglecting to see the Doctor

For the ultimate in preventive maintenance, regular doctor visits are extremely important for you. Yes, you may find yourself visiting the doctor when something goes wrong, but you should go on a yearly basis so your doctor can track any changes that may come about. Thanks to early detection, your doctor can successfully treat or even reverse hearing damage through exams and evaluations. You’ll also get tips on how to live a healthier lifestyle, which can lead to healthier hearing.

Sedentary Lifestyle

Eating junk foods and failing to exercise every day can contribute to hearing loss – a serious byproduct of a sedentary lifestyle. Obesity is certainly a concerning epidemic in America and elsewhere, because it carries with it risks for conditions like diabetes. Causing poor circulation in the body, diabetes can actually harm your hearing, so be sure to incorporate a healthy diet and exercise regimen.

Listening to an MP3 Player

Who doesn’t like to listen to music? It can be a great way to filter out all the noises of every day life, but when you crank the volume, your ears are taking the brunt of all that raw power. When you plug in, you are basically directing an incredible amount of sound at the sensitive inner ear where it cannot diffuse in the correct way, with that excess energy leading to hearing loss in young and old.

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