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Why wait? You don’t have to live with hearing loss.

Why wait? You don’t have to live with hearing loss.

"I am very impressed with the friendliness and incredible professionalism of this office, Maico Audiological Services, in Newport News, Virginia."

Terry P. D., 

"Sandy Burkes-Campbell and the entire Maico team are always so welcoming and friendly, whether I am in the office for a scheduled audiological evaluation or for emergency maintenance on my hearing aids."

Meganne Lemon,
Yorktown, VA

"Dr. Garrett is fantastic! We came today to get Dad hearing aids and I am so excited for him to start hearing what he has been missing for years"

Andy Bennet,
Hampton, VA

"Sandy and her staff have been responsive, courteous and a joy to deal with. I have been a patient of this office for the past three years and their high level of service has not wavered. You will not be disappointed with Maico Audiological Services."

Terri Parker, 
Virginia Beach, VA

"The staff at Maico is more attentive to my needs, and have always seen me promptly when I have a problem with my hearing aid. I have had hearing problems for 35 years and I can’t imagine not seeing a professional audiologist who knows about improvements in hearing technology."

George Mitchell, M.D.
Newport News, VA

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