The majority of public places and businesses have modified their buildings for accessibility to wheelchairs, an extremely visible disability, but may be unaware of the less visible challenges confronted by people who have difficulty hearing. Installing a hearing loop improves speech and other sound for patrons with telecoil compatible hearing aids, is much less expensive than other modifications and will increase visitors or customers. If you or your loved ones find that hearing the goings-on at venues you visit regularly is a difficult task, you can help initiate positive change.

Churches, mosques & synagogues. While many churches, mosques and synagogues already have some type of assistive hearing device, it might be outdated and inconvenient or the place you attend might not have any assistance at all. If this is applicable to your favorite worship space, bring it to the attention of organizational leaders and be sure to point out how a hearing loop will make hearing sermons much easier for their patrons. Introduce the idea in a newsletter or bulletin by explaining how a hearing loop works and how easy it is to install.

Theatres, auditoriums & sports arenas. Assembly areas are required by the Americans for Disabilities Act guidelines to be fitted with hearing amplification systems to accommodate patrons. Write a letter or schedule a meeting to speak with the managers of your favorite locations discussing this need and the good things that will come of their investment. Installing a hearing loop can allow the business to tap into a new segment of the population which sometimes has limited entertainment options.

Tips to make your case. No matter how you choose to bring up the matter, create understanding by sharing facts, promoting awareness for the need and garnering understanding. You’ll probably need to start at the beginning by explaining what a hearing loop system is and how it works. You’ll want to have some estimated figures on cost. Have a prepare list of benefits from the patron’s perspective and the venue’s perspective. Entice them with the increases in patronage they will gain. And most importantly, be a friendly and helpful resource for your local community.

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