Owing to the fact that all the big box stores of the world are now providing wide spectrum’s of patient services historically meant for professionals in office settings, more of you are obtaining sub-par services and don’t even know it. The realm of ear care in particular is especially susceptible to this, as at big box stores nowadays, you can get your weekly shopping done and get your hearing evaluated in the ear care department afterward. Let’s go over the many reasons below why there are flaws in this situation. While it comes off as a huge convenience and time saver to take advantage of big box store hearing aids, you’re always better off visiting a professional audiologist instead. Resembling the fast food model of on-the-go food chains, ear care is being parceled out like any other commodity.


First off, you receive higher professionalism when you go to an audiologist trained in complete auditory health. Period. This person brings many years of education and experience to the table, ensuring the most comprehensive ear care available. They know ear canal anatomy in and out, and as such know what treatments, if any, are the best for you. Getting at the basic cause of the hearing problem is what they aim for; in direct contrast to this, many employees at big box stores go right to the solution — hearing aids – without an in-depth evaluation.

Cost Efficiency

You may actually pay out of pocket for ear care when visiting big box stores even though you don’t realize it. That’s because they package those deals attractively to make it seem like you’re saving time and money. What you’re actually getting is a sub-par product with lots of accessories and services you don’t need. Conversely, an audiologist, whose job is to evaluate your complete hearing health, doesn’t want to see how many useless devices he can send you out the door with. The price may seem costly but insurance covers much of those doctor visits and hearing aids.


Unquestionably, quality comes into play here. Making an appointment with an audiologist is far better than a store because of the prevalence of higher quality products made by the top manufacturers around. The quality is not always guaranteed in a big box store, however, leading you to invest in false promises of quality only to find out later the device is defective in some way, such as with poor sound quality. Rest easy in the knowledge you’re purchasing products through an experienced audiologist who knows what he’s doing.

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